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Special Post- New President of Collaborative Divorce Solutions

LESLEE NEWMAN INSTALLED AS NEW PRESIDENT OF COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE SOLUTIONS Leslee Newman, the founding President of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (CDSOC) was recently installed for a second term as its new president, just as this…

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Self-help is not the best remedy when it comes to divorce

Having practiced family law in Northern and Southern California counties for 38 years, I’ve watched the practice of family law evolve. It used to be that most couples seeking divorce or legal separation had lawyers to represent each spouse…

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The Best Kept Secret of How to Divorce

What most family law attorneys don’t want you to know is that you can save a bundle by keeping your family law matter out of court through mediation or a streamlined collaborative divorce process. Did you know that the cost of fully litigating a …

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Divorce Peacemaker Has Moved

Divorce Peacemaker has moved! We are now located in the City of Anaheim Hills at 5130 E. La Palma Avenue, in Suite 210, of the vibrant Anaheim Hills Business Center. Access to the new office is freeway close as East La Palma Avenue runs parallel to…

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The Divorce Options Workshop

Marriage is supposed to last forever, but approximately half the marriages in California end in divorce. Just as couples carefully plan their weddings, if divorce occurs, the dissolution process should be carefully researched and selected. There…

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Stay Out of Court

As a family law attorney, what sets me apart from other lawyers? Well, I like to think that it is my compassion, kindness, and the fact that I really care about my clients. I want to help each person transform their life and finish their divorce strong…

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Self-Help Is Not the Best Remedy at Time of Divorce

Today in Orange County, approximately 75+% of the couples who are seeking divorce or legal separation do not have attorneys, and most do not even seek any professional advice. Most couples believe that by finding information on the Internet, they can represent themselves through some of the most important decisions they will ever make in their lives concerning money, property, and most importantly, their children….

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