Why Should You Work with Us?

Divorce doesn’t have to be a battle. In fact, proceeding with a divorce out of court can help your family strengthen its ties. With effective and thoughtful professional guidance, your entire family can be better prepared to move through a divorce or separation.

Attorney, Leslee Newman, can help reduce the stress of your divorce transition.

You and your spouse may have experienced anger, hurt, betrayal, or pain. But by speaking openly to one another in a tranquil environment, you are encouraged to voice your concerns and to find effective solutions. Respecting one another, and recognizing that you have both made mistakes, can allow you to move forward with peace and forgiveness.

You deserve representation that is focused on achieving long-term results for you and your family. Leslee Newman can guide you through a litigated divorce, or a peaceful family transition such as mediation, collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce, or another amicable process. Leslee can assist you to select and journey through your family law transition in a manner that fits your unique needs, goals, and objectives.

Leslee provides her clients with personal attention. If you have any questions concerns, or anxieties about your case, she is there to help.

Nothing brings greater satisfaction than having skilled professional guidance to make thoughtful, peaceful decisions that will heal your family.

I wanted to write to say a heartfelt “thank you” for all that you did to help us. You made a horrible, painful experience go smoothly and better for both of us by helping us stay calm and focused. My whole-hearted recommendation goes out to anyone seeking divorce. Our children will be the ultimate benefators of our peaceful negotiations. Thank you again for everything.

– Laurie H.